Apple iPhone 3G S Now Available to Order – iPhone 3G and 3G S Comparison

My iPhone 3G

At the start of 2009, my boyfriend bought me an apple iPhone when the 3G cellphone was dramatically surging on its popularity then. Upon receiving the expecting gadget, he could’t stop praising it as apple’s masterpiece as the cool iPhone not only features smooth, sleek appearance but also boasts of excellent performance.

I choose a white one and the color looks extremely pure and appealing.

The smart device benefits me a lot. The Bluetooth is convenient that I can free my hands under such circumstances as riding.

When my boy friend and I shop together, he would surf the net, read e-books, or play games when I stay in my favorite store for a long time. These small functions help him kill boring shopping time, to him shopping with me sometimes is boring and long. Ha!

He says this iPhone is good on the whole; especially the web page viewing experience is far superior to other cell phones as its page can move with ease. Nevertheless, he expects a new improved version as he complains its slow and unbearable networking as well as transfer speed.

Recently, iPhone 3G S is available in most UK retailing shops and he plans to buy himself one. From many reviews and apple’s official introduction, we do a brief research on the born-for-speed iPhone 3G S.

Meet iPhone 3G S

Appearance – No Big Difference


I feel a little bit hard to find any differences between the 3GS and its predecessor the iPhone 3G S just from their appearance. Actually, they are identical in terms of dimension, screen size and resolution, yet the new 3GS is slightly heavier (4.76 ounces versus 4.7 ounces).

The home menu interface roughly looks the same, only an addition to the 3GS of Compass icon. It’s not a big deal as you can drag applications from page to page. It means you can add apps to the home screen or remove apps that you don’t frequently use to the next page.

Its oleophobic coating prevents a good deal of fingerprints and face grease, and it allows the phone to still be smooth and usable even if there are fingerprints on the surface. It’s also easier to clean just by wiping on your shirt.

Speed Enhancement – Flagship Feature

There must be a reason why Apple called this the iPhone 3G S just because its speed boost. This is the key point that attracts my boy friend most. Speed is the central upgrade here. Seriously, everything is faster. Safari, Email, Camera all load noticeably faster than on the iPhone 3G. Besides, web pages reading performs smoothly. Even booting the phone takes about half the time. It is real that 3GS boasts a brand new built-in processor that is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

Maps + Compass – for on the Go


I think this function is very practical and useful to me. Generally, I’ll use Google Map on the internet to tell me a way out. Now, the map is amazingly in the portable smartphone. Cool! If my boy friend bought the iPhone, we won’t buy maps at one certain destination. It can locate where we are and lead us which way we should take, and even see traffic. Excellent. What’s more, a built-in digital compass does help in one forest adventure.

3-Megapixel Camera – Nothing Special


The feature is nothing special, I think, compared with other phones. It’s said that iPhone 3GS is the most photo-friendly phone ever. As it lets you tap the display to focus on anything (or anyone) you want and tap to take a picture.

3GS Shopping Info

  1. Click on the link to get Apple iPhone 3G S at Mobiles. was the UK’s first retail mobile phone website (launched in 1995) and is now the largest web-only mobile phone store in the UK, processing thousands of orders every month. Expires: Dec 31, 2009.
  2. Apple iPhone 3G S – Pay Monthly is available at Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse is Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services with over 2,400 stores in 9 countries.

Both of the above online shops offer two kinds of charge fees for customers’ selection:

18 Month Tariffs

Monthly charge Data Wi-Fi iPhone 3G S Price
£29.38 a month 75 mins 125 texts Unlimited 16GB – White £184.98
32GB – Black £274.23
32GB – White £274.23
£34.26 a month 600 mins 500 texts Unlimited 16GB – White £184.98
32GB – Black £274.23
32GB – White £274.23
£44.05 a month 1200 mins 500 texts Unlimited 16GB – White £87.11
32GB – Black £175.19
32GB – White £175.19
£73.41 a month 3000 mins 500 texts Unlimited 16GB – White Free!
32GB – Black £96.89
32GB – White £96.89

24 Month Tariffs

Monthly charge Data Wi-Fi iPhone 3G S Price
£34.26 a month (24 months) 600 mins 500 texts Unlimited 16GB – White £87.11
32GB – Black £175.19
32GB – White £175.19
£44.05 a month (24 months) 1200 mins 500 texts Unlimited 16GB – Black Free!
16GB – White Free!
32GB – Black £96.89
32GB – White £96.89