Buy Whatever Your Want at Very with Divided Payment – NO Interest, NO Worry

Very is a new member of the Shop Direct family and the new name for Littlewoods Direct, offering unique online shopping experience and bringing you the latest looks direct from the catwalk.

Very has clothing from a wide range of designers and celebrities including Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Peaches Geldoff, Jasmine Guinness and more. In addition to fashion, Very is bloated with almost everything customer needs, from sports gear to technical electricals to toys, and there’s new stuff being added all the time.

Their products are comprehensive, stylish, trendy, and unique. I think, the most considerate is their payment option. Like this, you can purchase product at Very and pay in Sep, 2010 with the code: XX662. Very cool. During this economic downside, not all corporations can stand such promise.

And now, Very has a new payment policy called TAKE3, making shopping more affordable for customers. To be specific, buy any item at Very and you can split the bill into three parts. More importantly, the installment buying option acquires you to pay NO interest.

Like the following example: buy this sophisticated dress priced at £45. If you don’t care the price tag, you can buy this and pay it at checkout. Alternatively, for those who are on budget, with the TAKE3, you can pay £45 in the next three months and no interest is required.

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