Gift-Buying Tips for Budget-Conscious Shoppers

Holidays are just around the corner. Birthdays are fast approaching. There are anniversaries and other occasions in our lives that we don’t want to miss. Of course, this also means gift-giving.

Gift-giving is an expression of love, of gratitude or of friendship shown. It is human nature that we make gift-giving part of our lives already. We take comfort and happiness whenever we see the smiles and the laughter of the people we love through our gifts.

When we say budget-conscious, it means getting the most for our money without sacrificing the quality of an item. Being cheap means buying things regardless of its quality, suitability as long as it is low-priced.


Here are some tips that a budget-conscious shopper needs to take note before shopping for gifts.

  1. List the name of those person who will receive the gift. Gather some wish lists so you’ll have the idea what they want otherwise, choose the gifts that would be useful for them in the long run but make sure not to take the fun. For example, when giving books to kids, find something with lots of pictures and colors.
  2. Set a budget. This is the most crucial stage of planning to shop for gifts. Setting a budget would help us keep track of the expenses and will be our point of reference on what to decide to give.
  3. Keep an open eye on sale items. Even if we found a promo sale on one store, we still need to cross-reference it to other stores to check price difference on deals, may it be online or physical shopping. With succeeding holidays on hand, sale items seems to rake up the malls and online stores. Some store offers up to 80% discount.
  4. Remember not to buy things that is not on your list. Sale items can lure shoppers on spending more than what they are intended to spend. Don’t take the risk to ruin your budget for a careless mistake. You might overspend.
  5. Check online deals. Some shopper prefer shopping online in the comfort of their home, with no crowds and they can hop from one store to the other without the sweat. In that way, they can save time and money by not going out. Online shopping helps them compare shop and prices. There are countless sites that helps provide discount vouchers and codes like
  6. People would say, it’s the thought that counts. How about giving the gift of time and other handmade art and crafts? If you like scrapbooking, knitting or sewing, then why don’t you use your talent to create a priceless gift?
  7. Sometimes, budget-conscious shoppers take advantage of post-holiday and end-of-season sales. But of course, stay within the allotted budget and as much as possible, try paying with cash. Also keep track of these items and the names of the recipients so you will not end up over-buying.
  8. And of course, during holidays, food is always there. Try to have a wonderful potluck to spread the love. Your time for others will always be the best gift that you can give to everyone.


My Tesco Online Shopping Tips

Almost every weekend, I’d shop at Tesco near my residential place because of its superb quality and service, most vital importantly, its low prices. As I used 4G network on my cellphone this month, I began to shop via Tesco app or its mobile version site sometimes with my Apple phone.

During my commuting time, I’d finish my shopping list and collect my ordered items after my office hours on the way to home. Very convenient. No more long queue.

tesco xmas deal

There’re generally tons of Tesco discounts available online. I’d Google Tesco vouchers and find what I want. Most time I can get discounts. Here comes Christmas, I bought a Christmas tree and decors with the up to 50% off Xmas sales from Tesco. Meantime applying voucher code to get £6 off £40 orders with code: XXFGHT.

There’re many other similar Tesco discount codes available. Check back often for new updates.


5 Tips to Keep on Mind for a budget-savvy Shopper

Shopping is indeed fun. Women, especially, always love the soft touch of the cashmere sweaters on their skin, the smell of the new leather boots or the sweet-scented perfumes dancing on the air.

Family of shoppers

But somehow, we always tag shopping with expenses. A store always smells good and comfy, luring us to spend more than we intended to. Shopping is certainly expenses, but that is if you don’t know how to shop wisely.

There are various things to consider when you shop. It’s not just a first-time-look-and-then-buy kind of shopping I am talking about. Be a budget-savvy kind of shopper, the one that plans ahead of time. Here are some shopping tips to keep on mind while shopping.

  1. Keep a handy list with you. Shopping with a list on hand avoid what we call “impulse-buying”. Choose only the things that you need, not the things that you just want.
  • When looking for some dresses, pants or sweaters, as much as possible choose the colors that would match most colors in your wardrobe. In that way, you can interchange skirts and dresses with style.
  • The best items in our closets are those that we can wear in different ways.
  • Accessories can help shape up your fashion style. Jewelries, belts, scarves and other items will help blend your everyday outfit into a special wear.
  • Home furniture’s requires an intensive review of your home. It entails a specific plan so as not to overdo designs.
  1. Set a budget and stick to it. After making a list of items that you need, whether it will be for home accessories or personal fashion, you need to set a budget and stick to it. Add-ons while shopping needs to be planned first so as not to wreck the planned budget on hand. It is also better to pay cash rather than using credit cards. There’s something on these plastic cards that will make us think that it’s not real money we spend.
  2. Start shopping early especially when holidays are approaching. When buying gifts, it’s better to keep an eye on items that can be used all year round. Much better if you do online research first, keeping tabs of those preferred items and comparing them on other online stores. Make sure to grab deals and coupons on our site in order to get promo codes that you can use when purchasing online.
  3. Don’t shop at a speed. Take time to browse stuffs online and read reviews. People who used same item or accessories can also help you make up your mind. When at the store, don’t get things that doesn’t fit you or those things that you don’t really want but see there’s no other option on the rack. Just because the item that you don’t really need is on sale doesn’t mean you have to grab it.
  4. It’s better to shop alone. Shopping alone can make you think and can make you stick on your list. Sometimes, these “shop-partners” can drive us to make purchases that we really don’t need. And always ask yourself every time you see something nice on the window store or online shops, “Do I really need this?”