Freshers Essentials: Guide to getting the important things for new students

That time is coming up as it is almost time for University’s to restart so has put together this list of the essentials that you need to bring to university.


Your bed will likely be defining in your first year of University it is likely to be the place you watch countless hours of Netflix, eat tons of takeaway on with your flatmates and more than likely make appalling life decisions with that housemate that you have feelings for in. This means that it is pivotal that you are fully kitted out with excellent bedding, the key is the duvet it needs to be warm enough for winter but cool enough for summer or even better have one for each! There is this excellent guide to buying a duvet from the white company which gives you the lowdown on the right ‘down’ and ‘tog’ to get, who knew buying duvets was so complex. Similarly make sure you get a quality pair of pillows that you can bury your head in after making said appalling life choices. These are the essentials but also consider an over-blanket, extra-throw cushions and a popular choice among students is the slanket which is a blanket you can wear while going about your daily tasks. img_12372


Slightly obvious but despite what you may have seen on American Pie you will have your clothes on for most of the time at university, there are a few key items that you must have in your wardrobe. You will need a warm coat, the best choice will be one that can be used for many different occasions so that you can get the most out of it. Hoodies and pyjamas are vital for those hungover or revision days that you just need comfort. Make sure you bring some sports gear with you in case you make the mad decision to go to the gym or more likely so you are ready for the impromptu game of rounders with your flat in the summer. Underwear and socks are items to bring in large quantities remember the more you bring the less often you have to wash.


Laundry is one of those annoying things that between the partying, joining societies and occasionally studying is vital as no one likes the smelly person in lectures. You can by washing powder or liquid anytime but it is very important to make sure you buy and bring a laundry basket and a drying rack. It may also be worth buying a closed dirty washing container like this one so you can hide those dirty undies when you have visitors.


The line from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reads, ‘“A towel, says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapors; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a mind-boggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.’ So yeah get some towels!


You will want to have something to make your uni room seem a bit more like home, so be creative! A lot of people bring photos of family and friends and others add posters to their wall but it is worth getting in touch with your university’s accommodation services to confirm what you are allowed to use to stick things to the walls and then just going wild. Fairy lights are also an excellent way to make your room seem super homely. bedroom


Although there are public University computers which you may well actually prefer to work on it is still really essential to have a laptop. It is vital for streaming movies and TV shows, playing football manager and stalking the people you got with in the club last night so make sure you have one before you head off. Some other electronic items you may want to bring our speakers for flat parties, a camera to make sure you capture all those lifelong memories and of course bring as many phone chargers as you possibly can as they are sure to get nicked over the year.


Depending on what course you do, you might have a lot of spare time and there is no better way to fill it than with reading. Working your way through the classics is a great use of time and is a great release from the academic texts you will also have to trawl through across the year.


The kitchen is likely to be the cause of more than one awkward discussion with housemates in first year with dirty dishes and people using others stuff always contentious. However, you need to be stocked up on plates, cutlery, glasses and cooking equipment anyway but only bring a small amount of each as then you will wash up everytime and not take up much room in the cupboards. An absolute essential for the kitchen is Tupperware, for freezing leftovers and bringing lunch on to campus it is your friend! 2431.17664.file.eng.475.349


Being sick away from home for the first time is a really rough experience so you will need to make sure you are stocked up on essentials to deal with freshers flu that means lemsips, soothers, painkillers and multi-vitamin tablets. It is also vitally important that you are stocked up on your choice contraceptive but it doesn’t do any harm to be stocked up on condoms (male or female) just in case. A few random items you might want to consider bringing to uni are a sewing kit and a basic toolkit for those emergency repairs. Some form of sports equipment like a rounders kit or a football are great for when the weather is good and a deck of cards always comes in handy.

Buying Time: 5 of the best affordable watches

This week PromoPro UK takes a look at that most essential of everyday essentials for working men – the watch. Here are some of the best value timepieces on the market. You can check out all our discounts on watches here.


1. Daniel Wellington – Bristol Watch £140-190


This classically styled watch from Daniel Wellington which is framed by an ultra-thin face cased in either rose gold or silver is a timeless piece. This watch is adaptable for all occasions; smart enough for work and parties while casual enough for everyday work. The watch is especially flexible in its use due to the ability to switch the dark leather straps for the nylon nanostraps that give the watch a more preppy look. This is a watch which is era-less and would have worked as well for summer in the Hamptons in the 1950’s as it does now for the elegantly dressed 21st Century gentleman.


2. Armani Exchange AX2501 – £120-150


Flashier than the Daniel Wellington, this wristwatch with its chronograph display and silver on blue face would be a stylish cost-effective addition to anyone’s arm. The date window is a pretty addition to the face and the stainless steel case combine to form a very clean look. Water resistant this watch wouldn’t be out of place being worn by elite businessmen on the yachts in Monaco.


3. Hugo Boss Black Rubber Strap Watch – £180-210



For our next watch we move away from the classic styles of the first two and move bang into the 21st Century with this Hugo Boss watch. This watch would suit Bruce Wayne in both his jobs as the coolest of all the superheroes and as an international playboy. Its sleek black design with silicone strap is slightly pricier than some of the other options but is still more than good value for a watch which gives the impression you have just parked the batmobile.


4. Michael Kors MK8280 Watch Lexington Chronograph Silver – £150-180



For those who aren’t fond of the leather or silicone strap we have this classy item from Michael Kors. This stainless steel chronograph exudes masculinity and success and is a modern watch for all year round. This watch is available at most stores at around the £165 mark, a bargain for a watch which is sure to be the envy of the office.


5. Vivienne Westwood Classic Leather Strap Watch – £195

Vivienne Westwood

The edgiest of the watches in our list, this one from the London Based fashion powerhouse Vivienne Westwood is a really funky option. Looking like a timepiece from a Lewis Carroll novel this watch is perfect for the young inner city man who wants a talking point at parties. The light brown strap and signature Westwood detailing gives this watch a playful look.

Getaways: Great Places for a spontaneous trip in the UK

Home Holidays – UK Trips

Bored of trying to fill your summer holiday before school or uni starts again? At your wits end trying to think of ways to entertain your kids or to think of somewhere to go for that all important first romantic getaway? Let PromoPro UK give you the answers as we take a tour round some great UK destinations which are great for all occasions.

York, England


This small city situated in the heart of North Yorkshire is a beautiful place for a couples retreat or a family weekend break. Despite being a relatively small city there is tons to do within the 800 year old city walls. Yorkies love to celebrate their history, whether it be reflecting on their Viking beginnings at the Jorvik centre or listening to the tales of the magic that local producers ‘Rowntree’s’ and ‘Terry’s’ made with the cocoa bean at the ‘York Chocolate Story’. History is everywhere in York and the best way to take it in by is strolling down the many ‘gates’ and ‘snickleways’ that snake around the city. It’s most famous alleyway is the quaint street called ‘The Shambles’ which hosts many local traders on its topsy turvy cobbles.

Standing anywhere in York you cannot fail to see the ‘Minster’ which is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe and that should be your next stop. The mesmerising interior will take a few hours to properly digest but make sure you save time to clamber up the 275 steps to the top of the Minster Tower. Once you have caught your breath after the climb you can take in the phenomenal views over York and the surrounding Yorkshire countryside. They don’t call it ‘God’s county’ for nothing.

York locals will tell you that there is a drinking hole for every day of the year and while that may or may not be true there is certainly a wide variety to choose from. Try out edgy cocktail bars Evil Eye and Sotanos for romantic hideaways and if you fancy something more traditional try out some local ale at The York Tap or Pivni.  If you are going to be drinking all these cocktails you need some food to line your stomach which isn’t a problem in this city. Everywhere you look there are boutique cafes and independent restaurants to try out. Try out the gourmet sausage rolls at lunch at ‘the pig and the pastry’ and then head to ‘Mannions’ for afternoon tea, you deserve it after walking round the city. Finish up with dinner with amazing value dining at Rustique on Lendal or go for the pricier local gem Star in the City. Alternatively choose the first restaurant you see, because in York it is sure to taste amazing.

Belfast, Northern Ireland





Situated on the banks of the River Lagan, Belfast has emerged from its troubled past to become a hotspot for weekend retreats due to the cheap flights and myriad of things to do. To begin your trip form a picture of the conflict that gripped Northern Ireland known as ‘the troubles’ and the best place to do so is at ‘the Crumlin Road Gaol’. Once known as ‘Europe’s Alcatraz’ many of the major players in the history of Ireland were held at one time or another in the prison. The thrilling tour round the gaol is one of the highlights of stays in Belfast, just make sure you stay with your group or you may end up staying longer than you intended. Aside from the darker elements of its history, Belfast was also once a shipbuilding powerhouse and was the site for the construction of the most famous cruiseliner of all time, the ‘Titanic’. Take the tour round the titanic museum and see what life would have been like aboard the ship and read about the chilling end that many of those who sailed met on the night it struck ice.

Just an hour’s drive away from Belfast and accessible by public transport, lies the stunning world heritage site ‘The Giant’s Causeway’. The interlinked hexagonal columns which stretch towards Scotland into the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean were formed from a volcanic explosion tens of millions of years ago. The Irish tell a different story about its formation as they relay the tale of Finn McCool the giant who laid the rocks as part of a cunning plan to defeat a Scottish rival which is of course where the site gets its name.

Taste the local catch at the Mourne Seafood bar or sample more produce from the surrounding area at one of the ‘Made in Belfast’ restaurants. Without reference to any cultural stereotypes, there are plenty of places to partake in alcoholic beverage in the city with highlights being the oldest bar in Belfast ‘The Crown Liquor Saloon’ with its ornate barfront and restored booths giving you an authentic drinking experience. Alternatively try out the heated beer garden at ‘The Dirty Onion’ in the cathedral quarter, with traditional Irish music played most nights mixed with a major refurb it is a great stop for one or two, as the locals say ‘The craic will be mighty’.


Oban, Scotland




If a city break isn’t what you fancied, why not embark on an adventure to the East Coast of Scotland to the picturesque seaside town of Oban? A two hour drive through the Loch Lomond national park from Glasgow, this town dubbed the seafood capital of Scotland is sure to not disappoint. This is a destination for the adventurous and there is plenty to do around the water and surrounding headland. Take a trip on the Argyll Sea Kayak trail and spot the local wildlife which includes seals, otters and even the occasional whale. More nature comes in the form of the Arduaine Gardens just a short drive south of Oban, the grounds overlook the scenic ‘the Sound of Jura’ so is a great spot for botanists and novices alike. Other highlights that lie within the town include ‘McCaig’s Tower’ that resembles Rome’s Colosseum and stands above the town and for lovers of Scotch a visit to the Oban distillery built in 1974 to sample their single malt is a must.

If you exhaust all that Oban has to offer there also the beautiful surrounding islands to explore. Two of the standouts are Iona and Mull. Iona the island from which St Columba’s spread the message of Christianity to Europe has the abbey which he once called home. The island which takes its name from the Gaelic word for ‘baldness’ was the subject of the famous song by the former Beatle Paul McCartney. On its edge lies the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland from which you can see the North Antrim coast of Northern Ireland on a clear day. These and more of the surrounding islands are accessible through the local ferry services from Oban.

Anglesey, Wales



­­­­­Another stunning coastal haunt is the island on the tip of North Wales known in local tongue as Ynys Môn or for those of us who need to brush up on our Welsh, Anglesey. Connected to the mainland across the Menai strait by the Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge, the island of 714m2 has some of the most stunning coastline in the UK. The best way to take it in is in by bike luckily the island has a natural route to take, along the Isle of Anglesey rural cycle way. Here you can relive the childhood experience of heading off on your bicycle on an adventure.

A great destination for a family trip is the medieval castle in the small town of Beaumaris on the western edge of the island. Commissioned in 1295 by King Edward I the castle has a bloodied history with many battles taking place at its doors, which is well worth reliving these during your stay. Another local attraction is the Llynnon Mill which is the only working windmill in Wales as it continues to produce wholemeal flour until this day.

Just a stone’s throw away from Anglesey back on the mainland is the Snowdonia National Park. Home to Wales’ largest mountain this is another area of outstanding natural beauty well worth a visit if you fancy a change of scene. If you are travelling with children a great visit is the greenwood forest park where they can lend their hand at archery and building wigwams from trees. Alternatively take a unique journey on the Fairbourne Railway which burrows through sand dunes to views of the mountain and beyond.





Hot Flicks: August’s Film Releases

Check out some of the best new films to check-out this August with this preview from PromoPro UK.


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Film Release Date (30th July)




Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner

Cruise returns as the seemingly never ageing Ethan Hunt in the fifth instalment of the Mission:Impossible franchise. This time Hunt and his team of IMF operative’s face-off against the rogue organisation known as ‘Syndicate’. Expect breathtaking stunts that aren’t befitting a man of 53 year old, as the film starts with Hunt clinging on to a plane during taking off, now that’s what you call a midlife crisis.

Fantastic Four – Film Release Date (6th August 2015)


Fantastic 4


Starring: Miles Teller, Jamie Bell

The latest blockbuster offering from Marvel see’s the reboot of everyone’s favourite lycra-donned world-saving quartet. The reboot goes back to the beginning again and tells the origin story of the four young people who are led by Mr Fantastic played by ‘The Spectacular Now’s’ Teller. After being exposed to a radioactive transformation will the team be able to harness their new powers and come together to save the world? This comic book caper will have the customary special effects and cheeky quips that we expect from marvel, a good film for the inevitable rainy August day.


The man from UNCLE – Film Release Date (14th August 2015)


Starring: Henry Cavill, Hugh Grant

Snatch and Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie returns with this thriller set in the 1960’s which tells the story of the unexpected duo of a CIA agent and a KGB operative. Starring Batman vs Superman’s Cavill as the CIA’s Napoleon Solo this film is a remake of the 1964 TV show of the same name. Expect a lot of high-octance car chases and seamless action scenes mixed with the old Ritchie penchant for witty banter.

Paper Towns – Film Release Date (17th August 2015)


Paper Towns


Starring: Cara Delevigne, Nat Wolff

Based on the John Green coming of age novel of the same name the film tells the story of Quentin (Wolff) and his experiences with his neighbour Margo (Delevigne). After an unexpected late night adventure where they delve into the secrets of their town together Quentin expects to see Margo at high school, but she is mysteriously absent. The film details the quest embarked on by Quentin and his friends to find Margo and make sense of the deeper mysteries of their town.



If you like the look of these films or any other films currently out then please check out the deals that can help you save money on the cinema here.


Beauty Tips: How to Style Your Locks

Do you feel tired of having your hair done the same way every day? Do you feel that your clean and sleek hairstyle look so limp and plain? Maybe it’s time to change the style of your hair.

You don’t need to run to the salon anymore whenever you got a date to go or a party to attend. And if you don’t know what hair style you need, here are some tips that would help you rock any event. And what’s more, these are easy styles to do so you don’t have to spend a dime going to expensive salons to get that chic hair do.

  1. The Gorgeous Natural Waves

Accessories Needed: Curling Iron (optional); Tissue Paper; Elastic Band

When it comes to natural waves, the most common thing to use is the curling iron. But what if this curling iron is not available? The remedy for that is to use tissue.

Roll the tissue paper lengthwise and shape it like a straw. Grab a small portion of your hair and loo the tip around the tissue paper until you have wrap around three-fourths of the hair length. (3/4 is the suggested length of the wave). Tie the ends of the tissue to make it stay on place and repeat the process with the rest of the hair.

Note: You can also use hair spray or other curling products but don’t overdo it. The more you use sprays and gels, the heavier the hair gets and tends to straighten the waves.


  1. Flirty Messy Updo

Accessories Needed: Elastic band, Bobby pins, Hair donut (the one that used to create buns)

This messy updo hairstyle is best for formal events and night-outs with friends. This only requires a little of your time and affordable accessories.

Use the hairbrush to gather all your hair a little above your ears and secure it with an elastic or hair band. Insert the tied-up hair into the hair donut until it touches your head. Spread the loose hair evenly around the hair donut and insert all the loose hair under it. Secure with bobby pins.

It’s very easy and you can do it anytime, anywhere.


  1. The Pretty Ponytail

Accessories Needed: Comb, Hair Band/Elastics, Bobby Pins

The pretty ponytail is every girl’s best friend. You can do it in less than five minutes. But there are some ways how to rock and glam the ponytail.

Use a comb to part your hair and gather it a little below your ears. Tie it together with a hairband or elastics. Grab a tiny section of the hair from the tie-up hair and use this small section to wrap around the hairband to hide the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.

Run a brush on random of your head to give more volume to your hair. It’s so easy and so you.



Matalan 20% off + Free Delivery

I love to shop at Matalan for my husband and baby boy. Not only because its various styles from classic styles to latest look, but its promotions and services. This year’s Christmas is no exception, full of a bundle of festive sales.

Here comes Xmas 2014, and I’m impressed by a set of Wonderbra. I think it’s the golden time to cash in on as I can get 20% off all branded lingerie with code: 20OFFBRANDED. Not bad, well huh?

matalan free delivery

Meantime, I bought other items for my boy and the sum order entitles me to get free postage, as Free Standard Delivery – On Orders over £50. Though it’s a long-term Matalan deal, it could be withdrawed at any time by the fashion store.

Wallis 50% off Sale

Wallis is the premium women’s fashion destination. Now you can shop party wear for your shining Christmas days – up to 50% off. More amazingly, you’re entitled to free standard delivery over £50 order with the Wallis voucher code: FREE50.

Love this top and boot, maybe for the Xmas party:

Wallis 50% off partywear

That’s not the end of story. There should be shoes and accessories to trim and decorate your partywear. Choose yours among a wide range of choices of boots, heels and more. They’re all on sale – up to 50% off sale.

wallis up to 50% off sale

Wallis allows customers to return their shopping items until 31th, Jan 2015, if there is any satisfaction available.



Amazon Discount Vocuhers: Ge Up to 15% off and Free Super Saver Delivery

amazon uk

One of the best thing about Amazon is that, it can give a comprehensive rundown of items and merchandise that you need. It is one of the stores that people could say a one-stop-shop because of its capacity to offer them just about everything – from latest electronics and computers to kitchenware to fashion and toys and gardens, the list is quite endless. You can get more with less money if you know how to use Amazon discount codes and other promotions. Latest Amazon promotions and discounts:

Save up to 15% and get automatic regular deliveries for free @;

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Join Amazon today and be the first to know the latest updates, promotions and discounts of the store. Be a smart shopper, save up to as much as 15% and get free regular delivery on thousands of items.

The Free Super Saver Delivery deal code rakes up thousands of its customers, making it the most popular coupon used on the store. The code requires a minimum spend of £10 to qualify. The fine print is, aside from it’s FREE, it also applies to all product categories.

The next to the Free Super Delivery is the 20% off on next order when you subscribe to Amazon Fashion Emails. When you subscribe, you will then get a unique promotional code. Enter this unique code during check out and receive 20% discount up to 5 items in any clothing, shoe, watch or jewelry that you want to purchase.

Check also the Amazon Best-seller’s List to get an idea of what’s trending right now. The list is categorized per department so you will not waste time searching an item on that specific category. The top 3 of the best-seller will show on the page. Look for Top Rated and Hot New Releases to see what people are into nowadays.

As many online stores offer, Amazon gives you option on how to pay as well as how to earn points and rewards every time you shop. They have a great selection of acceptable credit cards from leading UK card issuers like RBS, NatWest and Barclay and they also have their own card, the MasterCArd issued by the Bank of America. If you don’t have any of these, Gift Cards are also popular to use to get the item online. Check and view your Gift Card balance online with just one click.


How To Use Voucher

What are online shopping voucher codes?

Just like in a magazine or newspaper where a shop will publish a voucher or promotional discount code which you can cut out and redeem at the shop for a discount or special offer when you buy something, online shops will offer money off coupons or discount voucher codes in the form of a voucher code.

This voucher code, known also as a promotional code, coupon code or discount voucher code is normally a series of letters and numbers such as ‘AFF252′. Often they have no meaning to the user, but they do have a meaning to the website when they are entered into a form, usually at the checkout stage.

How to use effectively Voucher to save money?

Simply follow the steps below depending on which type you have….

1. Search for the

Find the retailer you searching for on website by typing ‘Boots’ into the search bar at the top of the page.


Then all Boots promotion codes and best offers available will be listed. Choose the one then best suit your needs.

2. Click you want and start shopping

Go to the Boots website and start shopping for you.

3. Review your Basket

When you have found everything you want click Go to Checkout at the top of the page for the chance to review your purchases and make any amendments.


4.Enter the Promotional Code

Once you have made checked your order you can enter your Boots Promo Code here. All you need to do is add it to the Promotions box below your order and click Update Basket.


5. The Discount is applied
The page will now refresh and tell you that you have added a promotion. Your total has not been changed just yet; this will be happen at a later point. Click Checkout to continue.


6. Register

In order to complete your order you will have two options:
- If you are and existing customers you can login by entering your email address or user name and password and clicking Login to
- New customers must enter their email address and click Register for
Here you will need to enter some personal information to complete registration. When you have completed the required fields marked with an asterisk click Register.


7. Delivery Address

How you can choose a delivery address by entering your postcode and house name/number and clicking Find Address. Your address will now be displayed, click Confirm address to continue.


8. Delivery Option

This is your chance to see your discounted total in your Order summary on the right hand side from any Boots Promo Codes you entered previously. You will also be able to choose your preferred delivery service from Standard, Named Day, Next Day or Saturday, click Confirm delivery options when you have decided which is best for you.


9. Payment

Now all you have to do is enter your card details and click Place order to complete the payment process.


So easy? Right? Why not try?

Up To £200 – Lenovo UK

e69caae6a087e9a298-3Shop now! Lenovo UK is offering four Voucher Codes to help you to save money. These voucher codes are blow:

  • Voucher Code:AFFALL5PCOFF – You can save 5% off all lenovo notebooks.
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