Hot Flicks: August’s Film Releases

Check out some of the best new films to check-out this August with this preview from PromoPro UK.


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Film Release Date (30th July)




Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner

Cruise returns as the seemingly never ageing Ethan Hunt in the fifth instalment of the Mission:Impossible franchise. This time Hunt and his team of IMF operative’s face-off against the rogue organisation known as ‘Syndicate’. Expect breathtaking stunts that aren’t befitting a man of 53 year old, as the film starts with Hunt clinging on to a plane during taking off, now that’s what you call a midlife crisis.

Fantastic Four – Film Release Date (6th August 2015)


Fantastic 4


Starring: Miles Teller, Jamie Bell

The latest blockbuster offering from Marvel see’s the reboot of everyone’s favourite lycra-donned world-saving quartet. The reboot goes back to the beginning again and tells the origin story of the four young people who are led by Mr Fantastic played by ‘The Spectacular Now’s’ Teller. After being exposed to a radioactive transformation will the team be able to harness their new powers and come together to save the world? This comic book caper will have the customary special effects and cheeky quips that we expect from marvel, a good film for the inevitable rainy August day.


The man from UNCLE – Film Release Date (14th August 2015)


Starring: Henry Cavill, Hugh Grant

Snatch and Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie returns with this thriller set in the 1960’s which tells the story of the unexpected duo of a CIA agent and a KGB operative. Starring Batman vs Superman’s Cavill as the CIA’s Napoleon Solo this film is a remake of the 1964 TV show of the same name. Expect a lot of high-octance car chases and seamless action scenes mixed with the old Ritchie penchant for witty banter.

Paper Towns – Film Release Date (17th August 2015)


Paper Towns


Starring: Cara Delevigne, Nat Wolff

Based on the John Green coming of age novel of the same name the film tells the story of Quentin (Wolff) and his experiences with his neighbour Margo (Delevigne). After an unexpected late night adventure where they delve into the secrets of their town together Quentin expects to see Margo at high school, but she is mysteriously absent. The film details the quest embarked on by Quentin and his friends to find Margo and make sense of the deeper mysteries of their town.



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